What does up the trend mean

Usually an ATR-based stop is just a way to place the stop price N number of ATRs from the entry price.
– Buy Long EURUSD at (this is not a recommendation! ;-)
– Calculate the ATR, maybe get a value like
– Set the stop so that stop price is Buy_Price – N x ATR: if N = 1, stop price = ( – ), if N = 3, stop price = , etc. (note that for Short Positions you’d have Sell_Price + N x ATR)
This is a fairly neat way to adjust the stop taking into consideration the recent volatility of the instrument (as opposed to a fixed % amount, etc.)

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What does up the trend mean

what does up the trend mean


what does up the trend meanwhat does up the trend meanwhat does up the trend meanwhat does up the trend meanwhat does up the trend mean