Tren injection quad

Logistically, some sort of air traffic control system is going to need to be in place if the future is really going to include drone package delivery, medical drones , internet-delivery drones , and, of course, massive police surveillance . The skies are going to get too crowded and it’s too easy for bad actors to use drones for nefarious purposes . Even when people have no ill intent, the remote-controlled devices can cause chaos. Earlier this week , two planes fighting wildfires in Colorado had to prematurely drop their flame-retardant payloads because of drones flying in the area—a screwup that cost the US Forest Service somewhere between $16,000 and $20,000.

Hey viking 74, Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner bro . Been busy. Tx hit the nail DIRECTLY ON THE HEAD! If you are just running one compound, by all means.. FIRE AWAY especially on the ol hams (quads) - I've found that they can take a lot, and even frequent injections (after a while) become no problem in the quads. Like tx said, only when you are running multiple compounds do you really have to worry about switching it up as much. I am running prop, test e, and deca. prop I hit every other day, test n deca are 2x per week split doses. If you are only running 1 compound 2x per week, by the time you are ready for your next injection, the oil has more than likeley moved around and disbursed throughout your muscle tissue. It gets crazy when you are running multiple compounds, NOT to pin the same spot BEFORE the oil has had a chance to movethrough the muscle . It can start to get painful, and DANGEROUS. If you continue to hammer the same spot too often, you are more than likely going to end up with an abcess, scar tissue can begin to build, and you end up with some pretty fucked up muscle pain too..Good rotation becomes key, but that's down the road brother! Enjoy your cycle man best of luck with it!

Tren injection quad

tren injection quad


tren injection quadtren injection quadtren injection quadtren injection quadtren injection quad