Tren 100 vagones

Though traditionally more expensive when compared with the other means of transportation, air travel is becoming increasingly common due to more competitive prices. Every provincial capital has its own airport, and there are many others, particularly in tourist areas such as Bariloche and El Calafate (see list of airports in Argentina ). Most companies have several daily flights to the most popular destinations, and daily or less frequent flights to other destinations. Since 2003, the Ministry of The Interior and Transport has overseen numerous construction works throughout the country's airports, ranging from the building of new terminals to extending the lengths of runways and improving radar systems. [58]

1.- TSF (Toulouse Skanking Foundation) “Boilin’ Hot” (Francia)
2.- Rafa de la Torre Latin Ska “Tabú” (Cuba)
3.- Hepcat “I Can’t Wait” (USA)
4.- New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble “Bemsha Swing” (USA)
5.- Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra “You Don’t Know (What Ska Is) (Japón)
6.- Marcus Gad & TRIBE “Keep Cool” (Nueva Caledonia)
7.- UB40 “Light My Fire” (Inglaterra)
8.- Gondwana “Felicidad” (Chile)
9.- Markus Sprengler “Tell Me” (Alemania)
10.- Daniel Puente Encina “San Antonio” (Chile)
11.- Skalo “Aires de Rebelion” (Mexico)
12.- Los Kaites “Orgullo Rude” (Costa Rica)
13.- Carnaval Patético Ska “Ska Para Morir en Paz” (Perú)
14.- La RuraL “No Me Duele” (Colombia)
15.- Sangria Gratuite (page officielle) “La Peña” (Francia)
16.- SANGRIA GRATUITÉ “Que Bolá” (Francia)
17.- Desorden Público “San Antonio” (Venezuela)
18.- Inspector Oficial “Besame Mucho” (Mexico)
19.- Skapital Sound “Un Loco De Mente” (Mexico)
20.- Zona Kingston “El Arbol de los Ciruelos” (Mexico)
21.- The Selecter “Daylight” (Inglaterra)
22.- WE LIKE BAD MANNERS “Skinhead Love Affair” (Inglaterra)

Tren 100 vagones

tren 100 vagones


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