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Ultimately the government responded and the decision was taken to scrap these purpose built vehicles and offer various packages to different disabled folk whereby they could be allowed to select any ordinary motor of their choice and get them adapted with suitable controls as an alternative safer replacement vehicle that was less conspicuous was either found or manufactured in the near future. This has been achieved in the form of the Canta a Netherlands a purpose built mini car whose power plant is by a single cylinder 340cc Honda engine with a top speed of 45mph and constructed basically of ABS plastic. During my employment at the factory I saw many changes take place to the main building which was extended prior to the new style Invacar introduction during the early 70s and a new production line was incorporated within the main factory having been moved from a building being used across the road to build the previous models.

Spent couple of months bed ridden due to instant weakness of my leg. I could only pull my leg forward by inching my toes forward. Finally I went to a low cost/free hospital/clinic to get help because I had no insurance. It took months to receive the help I needed and by then, I was already starting to feel better.
Physical therapy got me to walking again but remember feeling a weird feeling in my knee but ignored it. I remember mild inflammation in foot and ankle but it was so mild and would come and go that I figured it was irritation from my leg and not having walked on it for months and months. The pain in my hip had nearly gone away but not quite.

Test prop injection lump

test prop injection lump


test prop injection lumptest prop injection lump